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 ArcadianCy test results

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PostSubject: ArcadianCy test results   Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:23 pm

Banned decks for the Testee: Exodia/FTK/Stall/Meta

Banned decks for the Tester: All Meta Decks (Includes: Prophecy, Elemental Dragon, Fire Fist, Mermail, Dino Rabbit, Evilswarm) Any more your not sure of that are not yet listed here do not use until you have it checked.

Result of Duel: 5/20;
Control of Duel: 6/10;
Deck Consistency: 5/10;
Strategy: 6/10;
Creativity/Originality: 10/10;
Siding Skill: 5/10;
Rulings: 10/10;
Misplays: 10/10;
Attitude: 5/5;
Number of Cards: 4/4; 4/4 (40-42); 3/4 (43-45); 2/4 (46-50); 1/4 (51-55); 0/4 (56+)
Tier: 1/1; 1/1 (all but meta) ;0/1 (Meta)
Total: 67/100

Ra Dorm
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ArcadianCy test results
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